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+Why Walls of Books®?
Have you ever dreamed about owning your own bookstore? Here’s your chance. By opening a Walls of Books® bookstore, you will be investing in a retail business that will provide customers the best selection of used and new books available in your town. Walls of Books appeals to every age level by selling quality books from nearly every genre. Join a system with a proven track record, and open the doors to your own bookstore!
+What Kind of Background Do I Need?
No previous experience is required. Simply bring your passion for hard work, customer service, and of course books! The Walls of Books® franchise concept is perfect for just about anyone in any job situation – the recent retiree, the person looking for a career change, or simply someone who wants to own their own business but doesn’t know where to start! This might be your perfect opportunity!
+What Kind of Investment Will I Need?
The total projected initial investment is $77,900 to $170,700. As with any business, start-up costs are not set in stone. Many factors will determine the total initial investment necessary to open your own Walls of Books® store. You have many things to consider, including the franchise fee, fixtures, equipment, supplies, and inventory. All of this is included in the projected startup cost.
+Is There a Training Program?
Yes. Walls of Books® offers a full training program which includes classroom, on-the-job, and on-site instruction for operating your Walls of Books® store. We will teach you how to buy, trade, and sell used and new books by giving you the tools, procedures, and systems that have already proven successful.
+Is There a Protected Territory?
Yes. All Walls of Books® owners have a protected territory as defined in the Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD).
+Do You Help Me Pick a Location?
Yes. We will help you find the perfect location for your new store and offer advice concerning the lease agreement (when applicable and requested).
+How Many Employees Do I Need?
Depending upon the size of your store, you may begin with no labor costs at all! All markets are different. We will help you assess your need, giving advice about how to best balance the necessity of hiring with the costs involved.
+Do I Need a Vehicle for My Business?
You are not required to have a company vehicle.
+Am I Required to Have a Separate Office?
You can easily set up your office at the bookstore or in your home. No additional space besides your Walls of Books® store location is required.
+How Will I Attract Customers?
You will benefit from both national and local marketing strategies. There are certain methods that have proven beneficial for our bookstores in the past, and we want to show you how to maximize every marketing dollar.
+Is the Used Bookstore Business Profitable?
When done properly, profit margins from the resale industry are quite good. As long as you know how to balance your buying and trading procedures, your margin on each sale will be high. The used book trade is a unique industry because you do not operate through the normal channels of a typical retail store. For the majority of your inventory, you will be trading books (rather than buying) from customers rather than ordering from a vendor catalog. The costs of good sold is very low.
+How Will I Get My Initial Inventory?
Gottwals Franchising, Inc. has affiliates who can provide your initial inventory. Most of your start-up collection can be shipped to your door. We have already loaded inventory lists into a sophisticated vendor system, allowing us to easily and quickly customize and order your initial store inventory! We also have tools and resources for supplying your bookshelves, signage, and other fixtures.