Elf on the Shelf + Mad Mattr + Small Biz Saturday + Big Fat Notebook

Elf on the Shelf

Keep the Elf on the Shelf tradition alive in your homes this Christmas season. Buy this brand NEW set that includes the classic picture book and your very own Elf! It’s only $19.97 (MSRP $30+).


Mad Mattr

S-t-r-e-t-c-h your creativity to the max with Mad Mattr® an addictive, super-soft modeling compound that shapes easily. Make whatever comes to mind! Press it, mold it, knead it, stretch it, squeeze it, paint it, sculpt it, float it, sink it, or just pull it slow and watch it flow! And clean up is a breeze, since it sticks to itself and not to you. Plus, it never dries out no matter how long it is left out. Its unique, non-toxic formula is gluten, casein, and wheat free, and available in 6 colors that can be mixed together! Suitable for ages 3-up.


Small Business Saturday

November 25th is right around the corner! Small Business Saturday celebrates your community by recognizing the small businesses that make it special. Please visit Gottwals Books and all the other locally-owned businesses in Middle Georgia, and remember us as you consider your buying decisions this Christmas.


Big Fat Notebook

The BIG FAT NOTEBOOK™ series is built on a simple and irresistible conceit—borrowing the notes from the smartest kid in class. There are five books in all, and each is the only book you need for each main subject taught in middle school: Math, Science, American History, English Language Arts, and World History. Inside the reader will find every subject’s key concepts, easily digested and summarized: Critical ideas highlighted in neon colors. Definitions explained. Doodles that illuminate tricky concepts in marker. Mnemonics for memorable shortcuts. And quizzes to recap it all.