New Walls of Books in Zanesville, Ohio!

 New Walls of Books in Zanesville, Ohio!

Even the four inches of snow falling here in Zanesville can’t take away from the excitement! In a few short days, the newest Walls of Books franchise will open in Zanesville, Ohio!



A Gift to Zanesville’s Readers

For the folks in Zanesville, Ohio, the closest bookstore with a similar concept as Walls of Books is nearly an hour’s drive! Bill and Wendy Cochran are so excited to open a Walls of Books franchise in Zanesville where there are many avid readers who enjoy all types of books.



Words from the Owner

“It will be a great opportunity to have a local bookstore that is part of the community and supports literacy and reading to all ages of reader. The great savings of the cost of books and the trade in program is something that will be a wonderful experience to the customer,” said Bill.



More Footage of the Opening