Store #12 in Hartsville, SC!


We are very excited to announce renovations for Burry Bookstore began last week! They have been open almost 43 years, selling new books in downtown Hartsville, S.C. The previous owner, Emily Burry Phillips has sold the store. Together, Sandi Brown and the Walls of Books team are going to transform the business, adding many new benefits including USED books, a larger selection of toys and educational products, custom stationary, coffee, and a meeting room. Here is a letter from Emily, posted on Facebook back in May of this year:

Burry Renovations 1In January of this year, I shared with you that Burry Bookstore may be writing its final chapter and closing by the end of 2015. I am delighted to announce the bookstore is in the process of being purchased and will continue the tradition of offering a large selection of books and great customer service to our community of readers.

Over the last four months it has been refreshing to discuss and dream with two new friends, Sandi Brown and Shane Gottwals, the way Burry Bookstore can maintain its legacy of service to the community, yet transform and position itself for a viable future in Hartsville’s downtown district.

Sandi Brown will acquire ownership of the bookstore later this year. To the mix of new books, children’s toys, teacher supplies, greeting cards, and other services, she will add another exciting element – the ability to buy and trade used books. Shane Gottwals’ Georgia-based Walls of Books franchise will be an integral part of the bookstore’s business plan. Sandi and Shane share my passion for books and are successful, experienced leaders among their professional peers. Sandi’s vision for the bookstore’s future is innovative and progressive. Not only will customers be able to browse through stacks of books and enjoy a cup of coffee by the fireplace, her goal is for it to become a gathering place for all ages in the community. She will offer activities for children, reach out to high school and college students, appeal to young professionals, offer events for families, and provide the traditional services that our most seasoned patrons are accustomed to receiving.

Burry 2Are there mixed emotions for my family and me? Of course there are. No positive change occurs without the giving up of something. But change has to occur and time refuses to stand still. I will take with me the many happy memories and experiences that you, our loyal customers, have provided. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to make a difference in the community I love, and I greatly look forward to what the future holds for what is dear to my heart and the place I have called my second home for almost 43 years.

– Emily Burry Phillips

“No man can be called friendless when he has God and the companion of good books.” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

View this exciting video about Walls of Books and Burry Bookstore!