Walls of Books in Tifton + Franchising

Q&A With a Walls of Books Franchisee!

We recently stopped by our Walls of Books store in Tifton to chat a little with the owner, Lois Harper. She opened our first franchise in 2012 and we wanted to share some of the things she had to say about being a Walls of Books franchise owner.

What are your favorite things about being a Walls of Books store owner?

“I always thought, ‘WOW, he/she owns a business. They must be rich.’ I have found that is not always the case. You just need to be business oriented, involved in the community, and love what you are doing.

I LOVE owning and managing Walls of Books, Tifton, Georgia! I love it when we have just the right book to bring a big smile to a customer’s face. I enjoy meeting new people and visiting with friends I haven’t seen in a while. My store is similar to other Walls of Books stores, but also very different. I enjoy putting my own personality into the store.”


What is something you’ve learned during your time as a Walls of Books owner?

“I can do it and you can too! Opening a book store was a complete surprise to me. Sure, I’ve always loved to read, but we have dogs, cats, cows, horses, family, etc. to keep us busy. In 2012, the Walls of Books Franchise was presented to me and just seemed to be the right thing to do.

I am so happy I was led to open this store. My store is a ‘family store.’ I could even say my store is part of our family! We built the bookshelves, bought the books, and with LOTS of assistance from Shane Gottwals, his family, and staff, suddenly in October 2012 we had a BOOKSTORE in historic downtown Tifton!”




Want Your Very Own Walls of Books?

Each new Walls of Books store introduces a unique culture of diversity, literacy, and education into a community. Our goal is to consistently offer fair amounts to customers for buying and trading their used books, create a family-friendly environment, and promote the many benefits of reading.

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