Walls of Books Update + Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Walls of Books Update

We dropped by Walls of Books Ellijay last week and visited Walls of Books Peachtree City this week! We can’t get enough of Ellijay’s cozy, inviting layout and beautiful view. We loved Peachtree City’s customer service and fabulous selection of books.

Both stores are getting trade-ins everyday, so their inventory is constantly growing and changing. Like Gottwals Books, the Walls of Books franchise stores carry new and popular titles. Show your support by liking and sharing their Facebook pages!

Peachtree City Facebook Page
Ellijay Facebook Page

Ellijay 1

Walls of Books Ellijay


Walls of Books Peachtree City

2016 Calendars



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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Look for copies of Love is All Around Georgia at each Gottwals Books location! Popular sights and landmarks from around Georgia are integrated into a warm story that is fun for the entire family. Usually priced at $12.99, you can pick up a copy at Gottwals Books for only $9.97! While you’re there, check out our coloring books for adults–pages upon pages of amazing designs for only $5.97.

Put your books in a fun literary tote bag to complete the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

out of print tote bags