WR Update + Thanksgiving + Gone with the Wind

News Update

We have the best customers on the planet… you’ve sent many messages of love regarding the incident at our Warner Robins, GA store on Monday.This was NOT an attempted robbery; it was NOT targeted at our employees specifically; it WAS an act of stupidity.

Two employees were in the store at the time (it was after we closed, approximately 6:05). They were standing within a few feet of where the bullet came in. We praise God that they are both safe and well (and they more than deserved the paid day off we gave them!).

WRPD has been incredible, wrapping up their full investigation (including dusting for fingerprints, reviewing surveillance footage, and creating a 3-D scan of the store) around 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning (they even texted me when they were done).

We are open for business as if everything is normal… because it is. We will only allow this thug (or thugs) to take a pane of glass from us. They aren’t getting anything else.

I wanted to post these photos for our customers who care so much about Gottwals Books. You deserve to be aware of what happened.

WRPD is still investigating to determine who did this.

We blame no one except the perpetrator(s). We are positioned between law enforcement offices (on Carl Vinson) and a gun shop 4 spaces down. This is, and has always been, a safe shopping center.

13WMAZ and other media are covering this story, and more information will be forthcoming.

Goes to show… these guys would profit much more by pulling out a book instead of pulling out a pistol.

Thank you. We really appreciate your continued support.

Shane Gottwals

Click here for the WMAZ report on the incident. http://www.13wmaz.com/news/local/gottwals-books-ceo-sounds-off-its-a-random-act-of-stupid/491765158


Gobble Up A Good Book!

We are so thankful for books! They are not only part of our trade and livelihood, they are the gateways to so much more. These bound pages can teach us new ideas, offer elucidation on old ones, and extend moments of respite in a busy world. So pick up a good book to gobble up this holiday season!


Shop Local for the Holidays

Shop at Gottwals Books and other locally owned shops on Saturday, November 25 to show your support for small business. It’s easy to point-and-click your way through this Christmas shopping season, but spending your dollars with places like Gottwals Books has a MAJOR effect on our local economy. Please think twice before buying your books (new & used) and toys elsewhere!


Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell is one of the most cinematic novels ever written on the subject of Civil War and Reconstruction in Georgia.  Certainly, Gone with the Wind is an important work in the history of American literature. So important, in fact, that we made this display centered around the novel and the movie!

(Macon Display)


Thanksgiving Hours

We will be CLOSED Thanksgiving Day. Regular hours will resume 11/24.