Trade in your Used Books

Bring your books in

Let our trained associates evaluate your books for store credit.

Receive your store credit

You will receive a store credit slip with your current amount. This is the only record of your credit, so keep this card!

Use your card

Your store credit applies for up to 50% of your total in-stock used book purchase. The credit does not apply to special orders, Melissa & Doug®, or any other sideline items.

Bring them back

All books purchased can be returned for 50% of the price as a store credit, as long as our price sticker remains on the back of the book.

Sell Your Textbooks

Bring us your textbooks

We pay CASH for used college textbooks.

Redeem for CASH or CREDIT

We will evaluate a store credit or cash value (store credit will always be higher than the cash offer).

*Store credit cannot be combined with other offers or discounts; store credit cannot be used to pay for special orders or non-book items unless otherwise specified; all books are subject to approval; we accept paperback, hardback, and audio books.